Full Name : Nikolaos Drakos

Date of Birth : 8/8/1983.

Home Address : Oulaf Palme 196, P.C : 71410

Podiatry Centre Address : Plateia Kornarou 31, P.C : 71201

Professional Experience

Foundation of Nikolaos Drakos Podiatric Centre (Nov, 2011 – 2014). Patients (athletes, overage and children) with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, nail problems, callus problems, overpronation, supination, plantarflexed 1st rays, metatarsalgia and gait problems (orthotics manufacture). Scientific manager of the Podiatry Center (Crete), Greece (since 2014)


2006 – 2010 : Podiatry Graduate (BSc Podiatry Hons) University of Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom.

Academic Education

Integrated Life Science (Levels: 2): Anatomy and physiology of the lower limb and major joints and muscles , anatomy of the heart and lemphatic system of the lower limb.

Human Gait Studies (Levels: 1): Analysis of gait and knowledge of axons by which movement locomotion and function of joints of the lower limb occurs.

Foundation Medicine (Levels : 1)

Professional Studies : Management of complications in the lower limb, nails and skin. Understanding of the function of the procedure of inflammation in the body. Management of wounds and ulcers according to proven criteria.

Gait and Locomotion Therapies (Levels: 2): Wide knowledge in the construction of orthotic devices.

PrescriptionOnly Medicine (Levels: 1):

Role of prescription medicine in relation to each pathology. Planning of action for each patient. Knowledge of emergency techniques like CPR and adrenaline usage.

Local AnaesthesiaSurgery (Επίπεδα: 1)

Clinical Diagnosis (Levels: 1) : Diagnoses and distinction of pathologies in the lower limb that need surgical intervention. Interpretation of radio-logic appearance of conditions in the lower limb and diagnosis of radio-logic reports. Critical evaluation of strategies in management, critical evaluation of independent podiatric diagnoses and evaluation of the role of short and long term prevention in management of patients with systemic conditions affecting the lower extremities.

Patient Management Studies (Levels: 1) : Recognition, support and guidance of patients that are in need of changes in their lifestyle concerning health matters. Recognition of serious conditions that affect the lower limb like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and venous insufficiency. Management of those conditions in podiatric surgery environment.

Methods of Enquiry (Levels: 1)

Clinics and practical experience

Practical experience with patients in various clinics throughout Manchester like the ones below as well as home visits:

Rusholme Foot Hospital

Vallance Center

Diabetic Foot Hospital.

Press and societies

Invited guest in the show “ΠΡΩΤΗ ΘΕΣΗ” (FIRST PLACE) of the channel TV CRETA in the subject of:

“Podiatry-Podology, a general discussion” and “Appropriate footwear guide”.

Invited guest in the show “ΚΑΛΟ ΜΕΣΗΜΕΡΙ” (GOOD EVENING) of the channel CRETE TV in the subject of: “Callus and Corns”.

Scientific partner of www.Medicaltime.gr.

Member of The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (No.30505)

Member of the Podiatric society of Greece since the early 2011. (www.podiatrist-society.gr)

Additional Information

Proficiency in English from the University of Michigan, United States.

Military obligations came to pass in the summer of 2011.


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