DATE OF BIRTH: 6 December 1971


FAMILY STATUS: Married, Three children

WORK ADDRESS: 121, Ethnikis Antistaseos Av. Kesariani, Athens 161 22

TEL: +30 210 7258116

FAX: +30 210 7258117

WORKING HOURS: By appointment at the above contact numbers

Email: podology@otenet.gr


Sept 2003 – Queen Margaret University College Edinburgh

Grant for PhD within diabetic foot.

Sept 2001-Jun 2003 Queen Margaret University College Edinburgh

MSc in Podiatry 13-16/4/2000 Northampton University

Pharmacology Course for CPMs (Certificate in Prescription of Medicine.

Sept 1998-1999 Manchester Metropolitan University

Certificate in Sport Injuries and Therapy

Sept 19961997 Manchester Metropolitan University

Certificate in Professional Studies (sports Podiatry)

Sept 1991-May 1995 (Clinical experience included)

BSc Hons in Podiatry, Salford University, Manchester

Project Title: Comparison of Diabetic foot Treatment between Greece and the UK.

Sept 1989- Jun 1991 The South Manchester College

BTEC National Diploma in Health Studies (Pre-medical course)


  1. Voluntary participation in the 28th Olympic Games( 13-29 August 2004) as a Podiatrist at the Medical Center of the Olympic Village
  2. Voluntary participation in the 12th Paraolympic Games (17-28 September 2004) as a Podiatrist at the Medical Center of the Olympic Village


3/7/10- 7/7/10 1st international summit for nail diseases. Nail disorders in athletes

21/05/07-23/05/07 1st Combined Hellenic Austrian Congress in foot and ankle disorders in Myconos. “Diabetic foot care”

1/06/07-03/06/07 Hellenic Society of the Study of the Diseases for Diabetic Foot. The role of the podiatrist in Diabetic foot. Kalamata

19/12/06 E.E.X.O.T. Department of Foot and Ankle. Therapy and cure of the foot.

27/5/05 – 29/5/05     1ο Balkan congress in Drama. “ orthotic therapy in sport injuries”.

6/10/04 – 9/10/04     60 panelinic orthopaedic congress, Hilton Athens Greece. « VARIABILITY OF PRESSURES AND FORCES IN NORMAL CHILDREN AND CHILDREN WITHOUT HEMIPLEGIA»

13/5/04 – 16/5/04 II Eastern Mediterranean Meeting on Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine to be held in Santorini, 13 -16 May 2004. abstract entitled: « VARIABILITY OF PRESSURES AND FORCES IN NORMAL CHILDREN AND CHILDREN WITHOUT HEMIPLEGIA»

29/5/04. Seminar given to nurses on the Diabetic Foot. At Sotiria hospital, Athens, Greece.

9/5/ – 11/5/03: oral presentation on foot care for the patients with diabetes. 3o panelinic conference for people with diabetes.

12/3/03: Seminar given to orthopaedic surgeon on the role of orthotic therapy within the foot and ankle pathology.

22/11-24/11 03 Oral Speech at the 16th Symposium of Physiotherapy. Gait analysis and orthotics

15/4 – 17/4/02 : Oral presentation on Eastern Mediterranean Cerebral palsy and developmental medicine congress ” Static Plantar foot measurements in cerebral palsy children receiving botulinum toxin a injections”.

17/2/02: Seminar given to physiotherapist on the role of the orthotic therapy for the athletes.

11/9-16/9/01:Speech on the 57 panellinic orthopaedic conference with subject, ‘ Neuropathic diabetic feet related with maximum foot pressure.

6/9 – 9/9/01: Speech on the 8ο panellinic conference in physiotherapy, subject “orthotic therapy for childs feet.”

March/April 2001: Poster at the Panhellenic Diabetic Conference. Neuropathic diabetic feet related with maximum foot pressure.

Sept 2000: Poster at the 3rd Mediterranean Rehabilltation Conference.

April 2000: Seminar given to nurses on the Diabetic Foot.

March 2000: Speech on the Diabetic Foot at «PolyClinici» Athens Hospital

June 1999: Training Seminar on the Diabetic Foot at Tzaneio Hospital, Pireaus.

May 1999: Diabetic Foot Care Speech at Panhellenic Organisation of

Diabetic patients.

April 1999: Panhellenic Diabetic Conference

Feb 1999: Speech on «The role of the Podiatrist» at Fleming Hospital, Athens

Jan 1999: Seminar for Parents and Children on «Foot Care», at Paidon Hospital (Aglaia Kyriakou) Athens

27—28/10/1998 National Conference of Diabetics. Therapy and prevention of complications of Diabetic Foot.


Clinical pathologies for the forefoot

Edited by El. Ntounis

Chapter 16 of the book ‘orthotic therapy of the forefoot’ ( by E. A. Arvanitakis)

Foot and Ankle Clinical pathologies

Edited by Th. Grivas

Chapter 57 of the book ‘Orthotic therapy of the foot’ (by E.A.Arvanitakis)


Sept 1999, Volume 3, issue 4

“Meaning Remedy of Diabetic Foot- Special Shoes”.

Diabetic Chronic

1999, Volume 12, issue1

Callus. Importance and treatment in diabetic foot

Diabetic News

January/March 1999, issue 5

«Presence of callus in diabetic foot».

Glykia Zoi

Nov/Dec 1997

Diabetic Foot, “Prevention is better than cure”.


20/09/2006  working with the Medical team of OLYMPIAKOS F.C.

14/06/2009-2010 working with the Medical team of OMONOIA of CYPRUS


Working with medical team of A.E.K F.C


Working with medical team of ASTERA TRIPOLIS F.Cs

01/09/99 Founder and owner of the Podiatry Center of Kessariani, Athens Greece

2001 Podiatrist of the children shoes chain ‘ Crocodilino’

99-01 Worked with medical team of Kalamata F.C.

96-97 Worked with the Podiatrist of Manchester United F.C.

  • Manchester Foot Hospital (of the Royal Infirmary)

Sept 1998-99 Medical advisor to Janssen-Cilag for the study of

Regranex protocol.

Oct 1998 to date Geniko Kratiko Hospital, Athens.

Responsible for the Diabetic Foot Department

Sept 90 – June 91 Manchester Foot Hospital

Voluntary work. General Podiatrist.


Clinical experience in: Biomechanical analysis, Gait analysis, custom made orthotics ( supervised by Senior Podiatrist Haword Price)


Salford University Clinic

Clinical Experience in podopediatrics, Sports Podiatry, Gait analysis, Diagnosis and treatment in Diabetic Feet

03/1995-09/1996 Hellenic Army

Seminars followed

Feb 1997 : Medical team of Manchester United Football Club

March1997: 5th Panhellenic Diabetic Conference

May 1997: National Conference of the Society of Podiatrists

May 1999: 5th Conference of Diabetic Foot

Sept/Oct 1999: 35th EASD annual meeting Brussels Belgium.

Sept 2001 : Panhellenic Orthopaedic Conference

SOCIETIES (member of)

Greek Diabetologist Society

The Society of Podiatrists (reg. No. 13275)

The International Society of Biomechanics

The Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine

The Society of Wound Care


1. Dr. Tom Carline


head of podiatry department of Edinburgh University

leith campus, Edinburgh


2. Dr. George Piaditis

Head of the Department of Endocrinology

Geniko Kratiko Hospital

3. Haword Price

Senior Podiatrist (Podiatrist of Manchester United Football Club)

Withington Hospital, Podiatry Department, Nell la

West Didsbury, Manchester M20, UK.

4. Frank Mc Court

Senior Podiatrist, Salford University

Frederick Road, Salford, M6 6PU, UK.

5. Joan Gem

Chief Podiatrist (Head of Manchester foot Hospital)

Manchester Foot Hospital

Department of the Manchester Infirmary Hospital

5-7 Anson Road, Manchester M14 5BY, UK.Neil Roach

Personal Tutor of the MSc course

Manchester Metropolitan University

Crewe & Alsager Faculty, Department of Exercise and Sport Science

Hassall Road, ST7 2HL, UK

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