• Medical School Graduate of the University of Athens   
  • Skilled Dermatologists – Venereologists   
  • Specialty Medicine (General Hospital of Athens “ELPIS”)   
  • School of Medicine Doctor of the University of Athens  
  • Doctoral thesis on “Influence widely laser pulse in neokollagonogenesi”
  • Medical School, Democritus University An.Makedonias (Thrace)


  • School of Medicine degree from the National University of Athens
  • Specialty Medicine to the General Hospital of Zakynthos
  • Specialty Dermatology Hospital “Andreas Sygros”

Membership in Greek and International Companies

  • Member EDAE (Greek Dermatology and Venereology Company)
  • Member of the Professional Association of Dermatologists
  • Member of Greek Company Dermatologic Surgery
  • Member of the Athens Medical Association
  • Member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
  • (EADV)

Other experience

Participant and as a keynote speaker at National & International Congresses of Dermatology – Venereology eg :

“Summer and peeling” (National Dermatology Congress 2011).

“Laser Skin Activities” (1st International Seminar & Workshop on).   

Works and publications in international conferences and international journals such as :

“Telangiectatic amyopathic dermatomyositis associated wth multiple myeloma” (Work sto12o European Congress of Dermatology in Barcelona).

“Darier’s disease” (Publication of American Surgery).   

He has been a medical specialist in large centers of Cosmetic Dermatology.

Responsible for monitoring external Dermatology Clinic at the General Hospital “Tzaneio” for 4 years.

Today he is the scientific director of the Dermatology Clinic of Cosmetic Dermatology “Narcissus”.


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